SP21 Dunk Campaign

Medium ········· Digital/Retail
Date ······ February 2021

Introduced as the first basketball shoes  featuring college team colors, the Dunk has remained an iconic symbol of camaraderie and collective identity. In SP21, we introduced our long-term creative concept for Dunk “True To Your Crew” by celebrating individuality through the lens of the crew.

In this shoot, we tried to capture the iconic creative pillars of Dunk including, Lo-fi, street, bold, and defiant spirit. Due to covid restrictions we could not actually feature a crew, but using various art direction techniques and props, we tried to make the images feel like a group of kids shooting each other in a warehouse.

Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka
Photography: Evie Lane

Writer: Beau Bernstein
Stylist: Paola Lamorticella
HMU: Ailsa Hopper
Models: Blaise, Kamila, Delwin, Liliana, Gayeon
Production: Open Range, Katie Price