Miyu Shirotsuka is a Japanese designer and art director currently living in Portland, OR. She currently works at Nike Women’s Global Brand Design, creating global campaign assets for key seasonal product launches. Her work has been featured in: Mold magazine (NYC), BranD magazine (Tokyo), Brain magazine (Hong Kong), and Club Sandwich magazine (Paris).

Previously at Wieden and Kennedy Portland.
Graduating class of 2016 in Graphic Design at California Institute of the Arts

Reach out for any project inquiries or collaborations at mshirotsuka@gmail.com 
Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Seeing through seasonal campaigns from start to finish
  • Collaborating with narrative partners to create a seasonal and or long-term positioning
  • Creating a visual concept and creative direction
  • Shoot planning, casting, briefing, and art directing both on set and remote
  • Driving post production processes including retouching, visual centers, and retail direction with various agencies and external partners
  • Creating package designs, patterns, supplementary design assets, and innovative branding solutions for various NSW and influencer product teams.
  • Communicate and present design concepts to team, senior level stakeholders or directors.
  • Actively gaining knowledge and experience regarding Nike’s design and business philosophy, products, and processes to improve marketing strategy and production. Approaching projects with an open mind, and willingness to improve and evolve creative ideas to ensure feasibility based on budget, marketing needs, and overall brand vision.