Japan Institute Logo and Branding

Medium ········· Digital/Print
Date ······  March 2022
Japan Institute is an organization established by the Portland Japanese Garden committee as an opportunity to facilitate more educational workshops and dialogues around Japanese culture.

Built to be sister organizations, I was tasked to create a branding system that worked harmoniously with the current Japanese Garden logo, while still honoring the unique function of the institute.

Logo Concept:

In Japan, a lot of emphasis is placed on the act of giving rather than the gift itself. It is a way to show respect, kindness, and generosity, which are all core values in Japanese culture. The logo is inspired  by Mizuhiki—An important element in Japanese gift giving.  It is a traditional Japanese decorative cord often used to tie around gifts and envelopes. Every detail—shapes, colors, and number of strings— is carefully considered to communicate different meanings. Mizuhiki is a creative expression of connection and empathy. It embodies the true spirit of Japan Institute and its mission to inspire harmony & peace.