HO21 Own the Floor Campaign

Medium ········· Digital/Retail
Date ······ March-May 2022
Dance is a space for self-expression and community. It has the power to influence culture and drive change. At Nike, sport is symbolic of more than athleticism. It’s a driver of positive change.
So in HO22, Nike launched “Own the Floor” Campaign— our affirmation of Dancers and their communities, all led by Parris Goebel. This season we committed to giving them the floor, listening, learning and amplifying every voice in the room. An inclusive and democratic journey spotlighting dancers of different shapes, sexuality, movement and style.

The campaign consisted of two parts— the hero campaign led by Parris Goebel, and the product marketing that showcased our key seasonal Nike products through the lens of Dance.

The campaign first launched in November with our Dance declaration, a celebration of the heart, sweat and tears of dancers through the voice of Parris Goebel.
To watch the declaration click HERE.

Art Director: Dawn Yanagihara
Narrative Manager: Gaby Tama
Director: Christelle de Castro
DP: Daisy Zhou
Editor: Lorin Askill
Music: Club Queen
Stylist: Mindy Le Brock
Hair Stylist: Sean Fears
Makeup Artist: Jaime Diaz
Production: Chrysi Diamond, Katie Price and many more

This declaration was accompanied by a combined product marketing offense led by the dance POV—in which we shot 17 key looks for 9 stories, and over 100+ digital executions. The result was a massive celebration of dance through both storytelling and product marketing.
The goal throughout the campaign was to cast dancers rather than models in order to authentically capture the movements of dance. The simple art direction and collage helped to bring these images to life through dynamic and energetic compositions.

Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka
Photographer: Pavielle Garcia
Movement Director: Sheopatra Jones
Makeup Artist:Sara Tagaola
Hair Stylist: Tiago Honda
Stylist: Rita Zed
Retouching: Ink Retouch
Collage: David Linchen
Logo & Design System: Actual Source Studios
Narrative Manager: Cassie Pauley
Motion Art Direction: Reann Nathan
Production: Rachel Harvey, Anna Mikula, Katie Price, and more