HO20 Blazer Campaign

Medium ········· Print
Date ······ October 2020

In Holiday 2020, our models and protagonists showcased the spirit of “Yours To Be Worn” through the dimensions of her life and style.
We used an iconic and simple grid to showcase style, product, and protagonist storytelling through one holistic visual that champions how she brings meaning to her Blazer.

The campaign consisted of two parts: 

1. The Product Marketing focused on highlighting the seasonal products, mainly to serve purchase intent in transactional placements like Nike.com, App, and paid media.

2. The Narrative Campaign focused on elaborating the story and messaging of “Yours to be Worn” through 3 protagonists from around the world. 

Product Marketing

Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka
Photography: Evie Lane

Writer: Beau Bernstein
Stylist: Katie Simon
HMU: Ailsa Hopper
Models: Archie Barnes, Rahima Ahmed, Ajewelina Daniels, and Molly T
Production: Open Range, Katie Price, Ashley Bay


“Yours To Be Worn” Narrative Campaign

Narrative Director: Lydia Pang
Production Partner: The New Company
Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka
Writer: Beau Bernstein
Producer: Katie Price
Protagonists: Adwoa Aboah, Honeybeez, and Ara Cho

“Yours To Be Worn” R

Retail Render: GOLDEN
Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka