FA21 Sports Bra Campaign

Medium ········· Digital/Print
Date ······  August 2021
Society puts a tremendous pressure on women to act a certain way and look a certain way. Nothing is more alienating for young girls and women than feeling like they are different from everyone else: that their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and body are not normal…and therefore, not ok. Nike Women can be a community of allies to counteract this pressure.
This season, our campaign focused around three themes:
  1. Representation & Inclusivity
  2. Redefining sport
  3. Normalizing imperfection

In the hero campaign, we elevated the voices of three female allies— Cata Diaz, Paris Alexandra,  and Tomoko Ueno— who are pushing boundaries and/or making safe spaces through sport.
Watch Cata Diaz’s video HERE
Watch Paris Alexandra’s video HERE 

Watch Tomoko Ueno’s video HERE

Art Direction: Dawn Yanagihara
Director: Mollie Mills
Creative Partner: Look studios
Edit: Rory McLean
Animation: Ana Projects
Music: Lily Oakes
Production: Radical Media

The product marketing assets were less about storytelling, however was shot with the three key themes in mind: 1) Representation of skin and body types, 2) Redefining sports through unconventional movements 3) Normalizing imperfection with zero cosmetic retouching.

Art Direction: Miyu Shirotsuka
Photographer: Pavielle Garcia
Set design: Lauren Machen
HMU: Paul Blanch
Stylist: Sambalina Jones
Production: Karl LUnan
Retouching: Ink retouch