Can of Worms

Medium ········· Print
Date ······ April 2017

Poster made for an art project—UNCHARTED TERRITORIES—hosted by Wieden + Kennedy. 

POSTER STATEMENT: The Pop Art movement overtly glorified popular imagery, celebrities, mass produced objects, etc. in attempt to shed light to our consumer-driven society. Here I reference the movement’s bold colors and repetition to demonstrate Trump as an ultimate icon of consumerism and gluttony.

“Design won’t save us from apathy. Design won’t save us from hate. Design won’t save us from Donald Trump. We feel kind of like the world is on fire, and the collective body of work is an impassioned and emotional response to the heat we feel while we try and figure out how to turn on the fucking hose.
History has shown us the power of design to provoke and bring people together. We hope that these images inspire people to figure out their own role in today’s world. At the very least to remain confronted.”
—W+K Portland